Finger Buffet 1   ( minimum number 15)


Closed English Sandwiches on white/seeded or brown bread


Choice of 3 different fillings

   Cheddar Cheese and homemade Apple & Onion Chutney

   Tuna, Cucumber and Sweetcorn with Mayonnaise

   Ham Salad with English Mustard

   Egg, Watercress and Mayonnaise

   Prawn and Marie Rose Sauce

Assorted Pastry Parcels, Cocktail Pizzas, Cocktail Sausage Roll, Crisps

incl. disposable plates and napkins   £ 4.95 per person


Finger Buffet 2   ( minimum number 15)

Assorted Open Roll decorated Sandwiches  with

·         Topside Beef and Horseradish Mousse

·         Cheddar Cheese and Home made Apple and Onion Chutney   (V)

·         Pastrami with Gherkins

·         Honey cured Ham

·         Tuna, Cucumber and Sweetcorn Mayonnaise

·         Cream Cheese with Fine Herbs    (V)

·         Bacon and Egg with Mayonnaise

·         Chicken with Mediterranean Spices Yoghurt Dip


Assorted Pastry Parcels, Cocktail Sausage Rolls, Paprika dusted Chicken Drumsticks

Bite size Pizza, Bite size Cakes

incl. disposable Plates and Serviettes  £ 6.60

Extra Dessert Option

Little  cakes topped with Fruit Conserve, Fresh Cream and Fruit in Season.
Chocolate & Vanilla Meringue Chantilly

£ 1.90 per person

Extra Options as available  e.g.   

Mini Pizzas

Vol-au-Vents  ( Seafood – Savoury Cream Cheese – Smoked Ham )
Pork Pies with Chutney